Evolutionary Medicine for the Microbiome

//Evolutionary Medicine for the Microbiome

Evolutionary Medicine for the Microbiome

The FEBS Junior Section have another online talk, organised by the j-GBM this time, this Thursday (January 19th) at 19.00h CET. We would be very grateful if you would share the details/links below with your young networks:
It will be an academic talk from Dr. Jonas Schlüter, New York University, USA, titled: “Evolutionary Medicine for the Microbiome, or how to turn the gut microbiome into a novel therapeutic target”.

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Talk abstract:

The focus of this talk is on the microbiome and its interactions within bacterial communities and with the host. Jonas Schlüter’s lab investigates large clinical data sets based on machine learning and AI, and develops mathematical models based on Game Theory. Also, he uses microbiome engineering to find therapeutic targets and several clinical trials have been initiated.

Please join us at the talk and share this information with your peers. If you want to find out more about the FEBS Junior Section, visit this page:


Thank you and best wishes,

Clara Rey

Vicepresident of Bioquímica en Movimiento – Toledo

SEBBM Representative in FEBS Junior Section

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